New citizenship laws "Part of the Act reads; Subj…

New citizenship laws

“Part of the Act reads; Subject to section seven of the nationality and citizenship amendment, where the president has deem it necessary, he shall grant a certificate of citizenship of The Gambia to any person and the person to who the certificate is granted shall, on taking an oath of allegiance in the form specified in the Act be a citizen of The Gambia as from the date on which the certificate is granted.”

Is it just me? but isn’t this whole amendment to the constitution a ploy at rigging the next election. Jammeh could use this provision to grant citizenship to tens of thousands of people from Casamance to shore up his share of the electorate. NADD should pay attention to shenigans like this. Elections are not rigged only on election day. Yaya Jammeh is planning ahead and the opposition should take heed. They should start campaigning for the repeal of this provision before it comes back to bite them where it hurts the most… at the ballot box. Read the rest of the story here


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