After living in exile for almost a decade Bakary Darbo finally came out of the wood work through his attorney to lay claim to properties seize by the late infamous mercenary judge… alighali. I will never support the kind of summary judgements that commissions like alighali’s made. They are devoid of fair play and are rendered under a very suppressive political environment without any regards for the rule of law.

However the statement all my country folk ain’t my kin folk is true of most first republic politicians living in exile. After plunging our country into the abyss that is yaya jammeh’s rule, they have made no effort to help alleviate the suffering of their country men. With the exception of Omar Jallow, most of them have simply vanished. One would hope that they will be a rallying force to end tyranny… but nah Bakary demba just want his properties back…. whilst Saikou Sabally join the Senegalese bourgeoisie. What do you expect? Doctor Jawara started the trend. He went to the Gambia, wine and dine with the dictator, collect inheritance for his kids and we’ve not heard from him since. It goes to show what a bunch of me, myself and I politicians we had in the first republic.


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