Diasporans and Voting

I don’t know what planet this people are living on but if the intent is to extend voting privileges to Gambians living abroad they better get moving. The coalition better start contacting the donor community to facilitate the issue. They can’t rely on the prince of gloom (Gabriel Roberts) to make this feasible. Robert’s benefactor (Yaya) has nothing to gain by extending such a mandate. The overwhelming majority of diasporan Gambians are opposed to the misrule of the Kanilai dictator. Yaya is brutal and way over his head but he is aware of this fact.

The coalitions efforts need to be multi-faceted. Raising funds, confronting the IEC to avoid voter fraud and engaging the donor community to facilitate free and fair elections. The beauty of a coalition is that you have a pool of talent to draw from. They should take advantage of that. Since to procastinate is to lose some valuable time, the coalition should get on with these issues right away… not tomorrow or the day after…but right now.


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