Freedom ain’t free

“There is no easy road to freedom. We must wake from our slumber. If you want peace and justice, you must be ready to pay the price. And we want to pay that price. Men of conscience have started to speak. This is a message to all Gambians.”…Lamin Waa Juwara at the signing ceremony of NADD’s memorandum of understanding.

Nobody can say it any better. And whatever your politics maybe, one thing that is clear to all observers of Gambian politics for the past decade is that Mbarodi (Lamin Waa Juwara) has standup against Tony Daba’s dictatorship. He has suffered abuse at the hands of goons for speaking his mind. I am not in any shape or form saying he should lead the coalition. What I am alluding to is that he is speaking from the point of view of a man who stand up and pay a price for justice, peace and freedom. We need those qualities now more than ever. It is not going to get any easier from here. That is a word for the wise for the aspirants of coalition leadership. If you are not ready for the abuse that they will throw at you, if you are not ready to stay at mile 2, if you are not ready to lead a civil dis-obedience march (if need be), then do not apply. The situation is too dire for the faint of heart.

A lot of positive statements were made during the ceremony you can read the rest of them here

By the way the comment link is now available for any reader who has another point of view positive or negative to express them.


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