NADD (National Alliance For Democracy & Development)

Cooler heads are prevailing in the Gambian political climate. The signing today at the Palm Grove Hotel of a memorandum of understanding between opposition parties culminating in the formation of a coalition is a watershed event in Gambian politics. With any luck, the same maturity and diligence will lead to the selection of a coalition bearer to rid the nation of a tyranny that has been going on for ten years too long.

The coalition should have in mind that getting rid of entrenched dictatorships is no cakewalk. In that respect they should choose someone with gusto to lead them. Throwing in the towel before any irregularities are ironed out ala ousainou darbo is not going to cut it. Stepping into the leadership role is a life and death decision. Timid and the faint of heart need not apply. I shall make further comments on this issue as the story unfolds; but at the moment I will like to congratulate the opposition parties for their efforts in taking a step towards eradicating totalitarianism from the Gambia.


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