Adieu Ndey..

Can the daily observer get any worse? They fired the lady with the sharpie to hire an inexperience old groggy for an editor. I nearly puke while reading this story. Is Mr. Sanyang serious? He is equating his editorial experience with a project newsletter to the daily newspaper of our nation. The brainchild of Doctor Best is going through a metamorphosis uncharacteristic of the founder. It has an un-principled journalist for a managing editor and now to complete the collection you bring in the one time editor of action aid’s project newsletter…”YIRIWA KIBARO”. Great improvement wouldn’t you agree? I am not been sarcastic; I am just distraught.

Plagiarism is becoming the bane of creative writing in the Gambia. From the high school teacher who lift other people’s work to peddle pamphlets to the launching of a guide for Gambian journalist by ‘sheriffo’ himself. One would think that a serious newspaper will do a review of the works been peddled instead of doing sophomoric interviews with the authors. A google search will bring these characters charade to an end.

Come to think of it, Mr. Sanyang’s work is cut out for him. The Observer’s editorials sounds more like the rantings of Fatoumata Jahumpha Ceesay than the sound opinion of a respected newspaper’s editors. Syntax my neck.


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