Coalition… is it here?

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The hope for a political solution to the future of our country has begun. The long awaited coalition has become a reality. STGDP was officially notified through our Political Liaison, Maila Touray, that the Memorandum of Understanding – MOU would be officially signed 01/17/04. A new party is borne – National Alliance Democracy and Development (NADD). Congratulation to all the party leaders in the Gambia, and a big thank you to all Gambians living in the Diaspora, especially to the Gambia- l, Gambia Post and Gambia-Talk.Together we will all contribute in a positive, responsible and constructive way to the future of our country. There is hope, and together we will get it done.

This message was posted on the interactive mail site Gambia-Talk by Musa Jeng. I have no way of verifying the validity of it. However both Maila Touray and Musa Jeng are standup guys. It is a promising start for a long journey.


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